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Our expert will tell you EXACTLY what trades he’s making during Football & LIVE racing – so you can copy and share in the profits.


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Easy & Profitable Trading Is What We’re All About

Our trading expert will tell you exactly what Football games to trade and what horses to Back/Lay using his years of experience – helping you learn the skills to become a succcesful trader who can earn a second income.

32 Live Sessions Per Month

Our expert will run 32 exclusive live sessions per month where he will tell you exactly what trades he’s making during the race or match – simply follow the trades or just use the sessions to sharpen your trade reading skills for when you trade yourself.

All Access Pass To Our Expert

Lost money and don’t know what went wrong ? Simply ask Tony and he’ll help you discover any flaws in your process or trade execution 

Video Sessions

You’ll get exclusive access to hours of recordings, with Tony’s expert analysis helping you to pinpoint exactly what you need to know.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It – See For Yourself

Seeing is believing.  Watch our expert at work in this sample video – just imagine what you could do with this expert guidance and how much more successful your trading will be with hugely increased race reading skills.  Knowing what to look for makes it far easier to spot when it happens.

Meet Tony Hargraves:
Your new favorite race & football analyst.


My name is Tony Hargraves. I started trading in 2004, and then, after a move to Scotland in 2008 put me in a better timezone for trading sports and the UK racing, I made the move to full time trading.  I have traded racing, cricket and football for the last 16 years and during many hundreds of trading courses, I have delivered, live in person and online, it is clear the main interest for almost everyone is racing.

It has become obvious to me over the past 10 years, that making money during a race is far easier than pre-race.  Due mainly to the market being highly efficient  before a race with minimal movement and highly inefficient during it with wild swings in volatility.

It is these inefficiencies, I can teach you to take advantage of, as well as vastly improving your race reading knowledge and ability. 


Live Football Trading Webinars

Tony will invite you to the webinar 15 minutes before kick off, via a link in Telegram, and he will go through team lineups, and provide in depth analysis of the match and share pre game and in game trading strategies. Any trades placed on the matches will be shared and shown live so you can decide if you wish to follow the advice or take a different position, or do nothing at all!

You will be able to communicate with Tony via the live webinar chat and have your questions answered in real time as the game unfolds.

The Live Trading Club webinars will be mostly on the English Premier League but will also include other matches around the world. They will be done on evenings and weekends and will cover midweek games as well.

Live Trading Club will help you learn to analyse football, understand value and how to establish if you should be placing a trade, and will be a great mix of fun, entertainment, education and hopefully make you a few quid.

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Is this a long term agreement?

No. You are not locked into any contract, you can cancel at anytime by clicking here. We go month to month, unless you pay for a year.  We want you to stay because you’re making money from our expert support, not because we’ve tied you into a contract.

Am I definitely going to make money?

We obviously can’t guarantee you’re going to make money as this is live racing.  But if you follow our expert’s advice, we’d be amazed if you don’t see a profit in the long term.