Live Football Club 

Live Football Trading Webinars

Come and join Tony Hargraves for LIVE Football Trading Webinars several times a week in our Live Trading Club.

How Does It Work?

Tony will invite you to the webinar 15 minutes before kick off, via a link in Telegram, and he will go through team lineups, and provide in depth analysis of the match and share pre game and in game trading strategies. Any trades placed on the matches will be shared and shown live so you can decide if you wish to follow the advice or take a different position, or do nothing at all!

You will be able to communicate with Tony via the live webinar chat and have your questions answered in real time as the game unfolds.

Membership of the Live Trading Club gives you automatic access to Live Racing Club and you will also be able to join any or all of our Live Racing webinars through the week.

These are usually held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

The Live Trading Club webinars will be mostly on the English Premier League but will also include other matches around the world. They will be done on evenings and weekends and will cover midweek games as well.

Also included (yes there’s more) is membership to Webinar Central where you can access an additional two webinars a week where we do analysis of the racing we covered in Live Racing Club to see if we can learn from what we saw that week.

Webinar Central is also the home of the famous Dishlicker Derby where we have a great laugh every now and then trading the Aussie “dishlickers” where we are regularly join by our world famous guest host Might Mike who can stop a train with his tips and he can even lay a dog with three legs, that has a record of 0 wins from 49 starts and it wins by 10 lengths. It’s a great laugh and we just make money doing the opposite of everything he says is his next “sure thing”. His motto is “You gotta know your dogs”. All Mike knows is they have four legs and should run anti clockwise, but not all of them do.

Live Trading Club will help you learn to analyse football, understand value and how to establish if you should be placing a trade, and will be a great mix of fun, entertainment, education and hopefully make you a few quid.

So all in, you have access to up to eight live webinars a week, and our members only Telegram rooms where you can contact and chat with Tony and other members 24/7.

For just £99 you get 32 webinars per month and that is a ridiculously low £3 per webinar.

Daily Membership – £10 a Day

Try our services to see if they are a fit for your trading style. For £10 you can have 24 hour access to our Telegram room where you will be able to watch Tony for a day before making the decision to upgrade to a monthly membership.

Monthly Recurring Membership – £99 per month

Included is 32 exclusive webinars per month where Tony will tell you exactly what trades he’s making during the Racing & Football  – simply follow the trades or just use the sessions to sharpen your match reading skills for when you trade Racing & Football games yourself.

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